NFT 令牌工廠

一鍵創建屬於你自己的 ERC 875 智能合約.

然後加載進 AlphaWallet, 就可以開始自己使用、交易、出售屬於你的唯一的 Token 了!

我們推薦使用 AlphaWalletMetamask 來創建智能合約,簡單又安全。 如果想要了解更多有關 ERC 875 的信息,請點擊 這裏.

The name for the contract.
The Symbol for the contract.
This key controls the contract.
Receives the tokens.
Type in the amount of tokens you want to generate (default 20)
The state for your event
The building for your event
The street for your event
The locality for your event

If owner or recipient address is blank; the node address will be used